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AWS Direct Connect with Terraform

6 minute read

If you’ve never been to one, Immersion Days are great. Generally there’ll be a presentation about the techin question, then some hands on labs letting you g...

Playing Around With AWS Rekognition

2 minute read

A dev I’ve been working with has had an AWS DeepLens tossed on his desk and told to “build something awesome with it.” He comes hit me up for inspiration. S...

Terraform State Storage in S3

5 minute read

Something I’ve found myself doing a few times in the last couple of months is creating Terraform state storage in AWS for different projects.

Deploying CircleCI Golange Builds to Github

2 minute read

Update 13/04/2019: I’ll be honest, walking into this project I really didn’t have a firm grasp on how git tags work as I’ve never used them. I wrote this po...

Hugo on Github

6 minute read

Yea, yea, updates. I have a motivation problem. I have real trouble seeing something through in a timely manner. I only started working on the second protot...

SSH Auth with Hashicorp’s Vault

4 minute read

Okay, I’ll admit; I am shit at updating this site… blog… thing… Whatever, today we’re going to build something cool; centralized SSH authentication using Ha...

Setting up Hubot

1 minute read

So this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and I’ve finally gotten around to it. I have Github’s Hubot running on a dedicated Ubuntu 16.04 VM us...